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Weekly Horoscope From 28-04-2014 to 04-05-2014


Venus is in Aries from 3 to 28 May. Venus is another important planet and is of great significance. This is an important phase. As often discussed, Venus is the planet of love, romance, sex, beauty and the good life. This is the planet of attraction, love, wealth, knowledge and prosperity. The compatibility of partners and the type of life an individual will lead is judged from the placement of Venus in the horoscope. As a planet, Venus, is considered to be beneficial, feminine and gentle. Venus symbolizes the force of attraction in the universe. In human beings, this attractive force manifests as love and beauty. When Venus is well placed in the chart, there is love, art, beauty and all the goodies of life that make it worth living. Venus rules Libra and Taurus, though its role in every sign is important. Like other planets, it also has its transits. In Libra, Venus is aesthetic and cultured. In Taurus it is more earthy, materialistic and sensual. Venus rules the venous system, kidneys, urinary tract, throat, larynx, and is responsible for good looks. In short, Venus in Western astrology stands for comforts, arts, wealth, relationships, sex, decorations, luxuries and wealth. Along with it, the new moon is in Taurus. This is a propitious time for growth in all areas of your life. You take powerful strides and move ahead with speed, dexterity and purpose. You have just had the beneficial effects of mercury. Take risks. Go for the jugular, in a manner of speaking. Let there be no full stops in your life. Ganesha is happy for you.


This is a powerful period and you can do wonders. There is success and happiness as Mercury will be in Taurus. Whatever you embark on now leads to glory. There will be applause and accolades. There is a windfall in store. I may even go as far as to say that you may win a lottery, and not a small one at that! There is no stopping you in this phase. Unless otherwise indicated in your personal chart, Ganesha ensures every type of success. The new moon is in your sign and this is also your birth period. The trends are propitious. Go for it!


The new moon is in Taurus, and there is a glimmer of stability. You realize that you have to get back on track. You plunge into hard work and control the monkey mind. An Irish proverb says that a good laugh and good sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. You look for more work, and take time off to be by yourself also. You may think your life over. You explore many avenues. You are charged and want to be a person of consequence and not just another human being inhabiting planet earth. You want your own identity and not be known only as somebody’s son or daughter. Ganesha blesses you.


There are stability and drive. You roll up your sleeves and slog away. The new moon is in Taurus and the influences are powerful. You are assertive without being abrasive or pugnacious. You are direct, to the point, and yet congenial and charming. This way, you manage to have your way. You seem to have found yourself and this helps in your interactions. There is love, passion and bonding. Ganesha watches over you.


You are in the throes of hard work and stability now. This is a powerfully profitable streak. You sign new deals and make headway in the game of life. Money flows in and it is up to you to see that it doesn’t flow out. This is a wonderful time for business expansion. Media barons and those in reality, stocks, pharmaceuticals, armaments, insurance and entertainment find the Midas touch. There is a lot of hard work and team play if you are an employee. But the sight of money is a great temptation and now very few can hold you back. Ganesha watches with glee.


The new moon is in Taurus, and there is a lot of consolidation on the work front. You find stability and put your nose to the grindstone. There is money to be made and to be spent and you are filled with the business of living. Be wary of deceit, though. Ensure that the people you deal with represent themselves truthfully. Life is never about having things your way; we have to meet people midway. You may also be tempted to get into some underhand deal and go for a quick buck. All this will boomerang. There will be a price to pay. Others will try to deceive you. It takes two hands to clap so you cannot excuse yourself from the consequences of your actions. It always catches up some time or the other. You may also have to face the unpleasant consequences of past actions. You will look at routes of escape and take refuge in drugs or alcohol. Ganesha is with you. I am too. This is a mixed bag. Always thinks hard and opt for the right path. Like Mahatma Gandhi always said, there is no substitute for truth.


There is a semblance of stability and direction. You have searched hard and found some answers. You are energized, excited and enthused. There are money and honey and you set a cracking pace in your dealings. There is hard work and success, love and lust, bonding and breakups, and hope and despair. Ganesha watches over you as you climb one mountain after another and make your world a little better. In the end, all your efforts pay off.


You are steadfast in your goals. You sign new deals and are the toast of the organization. This is a time for big bucks in your life. There could be a windfall. You could receive an inheritance or even a lottery. You are filled with gratitude and use the unexpected largesse to help the less fortunate. Ganesha is pleased. Whatever you throw into the world comes back to you. Hindus call it the law of karma. But I Believe it holds true for everyone. Life is dancing and you are dancing with it. You are in free flow, allowing existence a free rein. You are freed from controls and move like water.


The new moon is in Taurus and you are more stable. The bull lends some balance to the archer! You are steadfast and persevering and slogging away at work. The employed are in line for promotions. Those on their own moonlight and find new ways to make big bucks. You are happy and feel at peace and in harmony with others. You enjoy the good feeling. There is work to be done, but not much is accomplished now as you want to enjoy the moment. You are filled with enthusiasm and optimism and send the right signals to the cosmos. The luck of the draw is with you. There could be a windfall. You have planned well and there is bound to be successful. It is not just luck, but the result of prolonged planning and good execution. Ganesha blesses you.


You look at a complete personal revamp. There is a change in wardrobe, diet, attitude and perspective. You may check out the gym, yoga, meditation, natural therapies and new systems of thought. ‘If we create ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with,’ says Deepak Chopra. You believe that you can overhaul your life, and you go about doing just that, with sincerity and purpose. This is an excellent time for making plans for the future. You are filled with positive energy and see clearly all the possibilities inherent in a situation. As the subcontinent swelters, your thoughts are heating up. The energies are powerful with the new moon in Taurus. Ganesha blesses you.


You are more steadfast now in all your dealings. You have magical powers of attraction and are the cynosure of all eyes. While you are drawing to Trantra, mantra and deeper questions on life, you are also practical enough to know which side your bread is buttered. There is hard work and money to be made. You understand the value of a large bank balance and are propelled in that direction. You do not allow moods and emotions to affect you now. This is the time to prepare a nest egg. Ganesha is with you.


You mock the sway, carry, speed and drift of raw pace. I am an old, corpulent man now, but I was also young once and an athlete and sportsman of prominence. So I know my cricket well. You display the power of Afridi, the staying power of Tendulkar, the irreverence of Sehwag, the cunning of Steve Waugh, the quirky genius of Dhoni, the elan of Yuvraj, the swagger of Viv Richards, the style of Brian Lara and the technical completeness of Gavaskar. You are all this rolled into one. Need I say more? Your performance is stunning, to say the least. There are new properties purchased, international travel, rewards, awards, accolades and applause. The din is overwhelming. Ganesha is happy as you bask in the afterglow of hard-fought victories.

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